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collateral, the investment combination looks at Xinhua


    Merger and Acquisition

    Mergers and acquisitions are achieved through the merger of two or more companies to obtain the complementary advantage, collaborative development for upstream and downstream industrial chain and economies of scale. In addition, mergers and acquisitions can be conducive to the resources integration to reduce the waste of social resources, and it also facilitates the government to regulate the industry. Facing the medium-to-high speed development in the China’s economy, the industrial concentration is not fairy high, and emerging industries present a vigorous developing tendency, the mergers and acquisitions business is favored by investors in the domestic and international capital market due to the gigantic market, relatively low investment risk, and predictable return.


    Our team has participated in the several M&A projects, including that Optimum Nano was merged by J&R Optimum Energy, the largest M&A case on the Growth Enterprise Market. Lead Eastern acquired Yongle Film and Television, and Storm Group merged MPC. These projects has contributed to the considerable investment return above the market average level.

    Industry Investment Fund

    The industry fund is established around one industry. According to the stage of the investment projects, it can be divided into early stage industrial investment funds, medium stage industrial investment funds and later stage industrial investment funds. The industry investment fund enables the fund managers to achieve their full potential research capacity and value adjustment ability to an industry. Furthermore, it seeks to invest on the core sector and leading enterprises in the industry, and share the value increment from industry growth.


    Xinhua Silk Road Fund has planned to set up the industry funds about screen culture, new energy vehicles, high-end manufacturing and other fields in Ningbo, Weinan, Chanba in Xi'an and other regions.

    Venture Capital Investment

    Venture capital focuses on early projects in rapidly developing industry. Our team may make full use of the present resources to support the growth of early projects through investing in them.


    Xinhua Silk Road Fund offers two funds to invest Youxia Motors in the high-growth new energy automobile industry. We also invest in Leyoubao, which is an intelligent guide application in the tourism industry. In addition, in the field of screen culture our company invested Ideal Media, a performing arts company.

    Wealth Management

    Wealth management sector is customer-centered, and designs a set of comprehensive financial planning by providing customers with cash, credit, insurance, investment portfolio and a series of financial services to manage the customer's assets, liabilities and liquidity. Our service satisfies the different stages of the customers' financial needs, and help them reduce risks, achieve the wealth preservation and appreciation, and promote the family inheritance. Wealth management includes: cash savings and management, debt management, personal risk management, insurance plan, portfolio management, retirement plan and heritage arrangement.


    Xinhua Silk Road Fund provides the high net worth clients with the comprehensive asset management, professional investment services to create a generous investment returns through the creditor's rights, equity, industrial funds, etc.