Xinhua Silk Road Fund Industry Weekly Report

DATE:2017/11/29 11:43:07

An Overview Of the Key Information In This Week

New Energy Automobiles Industry

1.The joint ventures become increasingly more popular in the new energy automobile industry. Renault Nissan together with Dongfeng Motor set up the joint venture companies.

2.72 new energy vehicles from 25 enterprises were selected to the new energy automobiles recommendation catalogue of Shanghai in 2017.

3.The policy adjustment of new energy automobiles subsidies leads to the declining performance across the board of 9 bus listed companies.

4.The output of new energy vehicles in July increased by 73%, and the battery demand significantly rose by 103%.


Screen Culture Industry

1.Pearvideo together with ZoominTV are willing to establish the largest photographer alliance around the world.

2.The revenue of Ali Pictures is more than RMB 1 billion in the first half of 2017, the sales of derivatives of “Ten great III of peach blossom” went beyond RMB 300 million.

3.The webcast was booming in the first half of 2017, and its market size is estimated to reach RMB 100 billion in 2020.

4.MaoYan Movie merged with Weiying Technology, leading to a structure of double oligarch competition in the China’s online ticketing market.


Education Industry

1.The newly revised Private Education Promotion Law was formally carried out on 1st, September 2017.

2.The Ministry of Education claims that the number of students went beyond 25 million in China, and vocational education makes a great contribution.

3.The Ministry of Education forbids the teachers to conduct lessons for payment.

4.The SAIC of China and the Ministry of Education issued a notification about governing the name registration of profit-making private schools.

5.Preschool Education: Xinbei, one of the district in Changzhou of Jiangsu, decided to put the “Girls Protection”into the teaching plan of primary schools and kindergarten.

6.The Zhejiang Province issued a notification to forbid the school bullying.

7.K12: Tomorrow Advancing Life restructured its business, created the preschool education business units and acquired the KMF.

8.Magic Ears was invested RMB 40 million by Zhen Fund and Yuanfudao.

9.ACG was invested RMB 100 million by Changfang Group.

10.The courses taught by Enda WU from Deep Leaning went online.

11.SimpleEdu raised RMB 40 million to expand the main business.

12.SXW100 planed to invest RMB 6 million on Yigouhezi.

13.Zūm raised USD 55 million in a round from Sequoia Capital. Zūm aims to develop the children’s Uber, and provide the pickup & delivery service for children. The revenue of the company reaches 860 million and net profit margin is almost 50%.

14.Skyedu Group planned to list in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


The Information About Listing Companies

New Energy Automobiles Industry

1.[Newchoice Piepe] planned to acquire Phylion and focused on the lithium manganate battery.

2.[Guoxuan High-tech] planned to build up a joint-venture company to develop the triplets composites for lithium Ion batteries.

3.[Guanghua Sci-Tech] planned to issue the convertible bonds to raise 320 million, in order to develop the triplets composites for lithium Ion batteries.


Screen Culture Industry

1.[Jinke] planned to partially acquired Outfit7.

2.[Shandong Kuangji]: the purchase of Linyou for RMB 525 million is approved.

3.[Kingnet]: the accumulated income of MU went beyond RMB 7 billion in the first half of the year

4.[DDMC] acquired New England in a cash deal, aiming to develop the copyright operation platform for Chinese education.


Education Industry

1.[Xin Nanyang] focuses on K12 education, vocational education, international education and preschool education.

2.[Kingsun] involving in the semiconductor lighting, planned to divest the main business and focus their dominant resources on education.

3.[Changsha Kaiyuan]: net profits for Henqi Education is RMB 50,974 thousand with a YoY increase of 69%.

4.[Dingli] issued the 21 million restricted shares for staff motivation.

5.[Baiyang Group] established a strategic partnership with Meiyi Art Education on the art travel.

6.[Zhejiang Huamei]: revenues for the education business reached RMB 69,672.50 thousand with a YoY increase of 168.08%.

7.[China Hi-Tech] planned to acquire a 51% stake of Yingedu with its own funds.

8.[Jiafaantai] acquired a 51% stake of Huanbo and 62% stake of Haoxuenet.

[Lanxum Group]: revenues for the education business reached RMB 315,323.70 thousand with a YoY increase of 47.54%.